Welcome to Yeoford Community Primary Schools Foundation Stage Unit. We welcome children, from the term after their 3rd birthday, to thrive in our nurturing, stimulating and language rich environment. We are very proud of our Early Years provision and would love you to come and visit.

 It is our goal that all children leave the Foundation Stage with:

· a love of learning

· increased confidence and independence

· an inquisitive and creative mind

· a good understanding of core skills

· some good friends

· some fantastic memories

 How do we do this? By embedding in our practice and provision the 4 key principles:

· Every child is unique.

· Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

· Children learn and develop well in enabling environments.

· Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

Your child’s first six weeks with us is focused on your child getting to know the school, staff, routines and to have a love of learning through play. We spend this time getting to know your child’s interests, likes, dislikes and what excites and engages them. We then plan our learning environment and adult led input based on the Early Years Foundation curriculum, your child’s next steps and their interests, using these to plan in the moment as we take their play and encourage your child’s curiosity and learning to deepen.

As a parent you can see your child’s learning through Tapestry. Tapestry is an online learning journal that allows you to see photos, videos and comments your child has made from investigating and experimenting with their learning. You will get an instant notification when we add to your child’s journal, so you can see your child’s adventures at school and add comments or pictures of your child’s adventures at home.

The provision provides the perfect transition for starting school as the children naturally integrate with Yeoford Primary’s Reception children in Hive 1 of Bumblebees class.

 The Pre-School is led by an experienced Early Years Teacher and qualified Early Years Educators. It open Monday to Friday 8:45am until 3:30pm. 

 This is what our busy day looks like:

8:45-9:00 Speaking and listening activity, movement activity or a morning challenge followed by register

9:00 Adult led Listening and Attention activity or Phonics carpet

9:10 Busy learning time. Children can independently self-select an activity which is linked to the topic of their interest and a learning intention from their targets. All areas of learning are planned for inside and outside so every child has access to the learning through a range of activities through play. Children are encouraged to be responsible and independent of their own learning. Staff model language and question the children to stretch, deepen and make links in their learning. Staff will also be teaching interventions, an adult guided activity or creating a learning story on how your child learns over the course of a week whilst supporting your child to meet their individual targets. During busy learning time, children have access to their water bottles, fruit and milk, encouraging the children to access them independently when they recognise they are hungry or thirsty. All children are also offered toast during this session. The children lay the table, spread their condiment with plenty of opportunities to try something new and then wash their dishes. The children will discuss their plans for the day with friends during their snack time.  

10:30 Playtime. 

10:45 Teacher led Numeracy Carpet through counting or shape, space and measure games or stories.

10:55 Busy Learning time, children can revisit and extend what they had been investigating in the previous busy learning time or an opportunity to explore new ideas.

11:45 Handwash and toilet for lunchtime

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Teacher led Understanding the World, Circle Time or Expressive Arts carpet.

13:15 Busy Learning time, children can revisit and extend what they had been investigating in the previous busy learning time or an opportunity to explore new ideas.

15:00 Story, Tapestry Show and Tell and Star of the Day! We also share Helicopter Stories. Each child has the opportunity to tell their own story in their own words and act their own story with help from their friends.

15:20 Home time

 We have places available now! Please call now on 01363 84234 to arrange a tour of our superb Early Years Provision and to discuss access to the Early Years funding available.


Dear Parent / Carer

Thank you for your interest in Yeoford Primary’s Foundation Stage Unit – The Bumblebees! 

I would like to draw your attention to the Devon Citizens Portal which I would strongly recommend that you visit and register for as soon as possible. 

Through the site you can log yours and your child/ren’s details and have instant access to services such as admissions, free school meals and additional funding.  Some of these may not be applicable to you now but, in future, you will need to apply for their primary and secondary school places. 

You may be unsure if you are applicable for free school meals and this is a very easy way to find out, with an instant decision given either way.  

The link to access the portal is: https://oneonline.devon.gov.uk/CCSCitizenPortal_LIVE/

If you are unable to access it easily, or would just like me to go through it with you, please pop in and see me.  I’m happy to help you with it as it’s really useful.  The same goes for any other paperwork regarding your application to the Foundation Unit, I’m here to help! 


If you think you may be entitled to Early Years Pupil Premium Funding, please click here for further details.
For more information on government early years funding for childcare for either 15 hours or 30 hours per week, please click here.
Please click on the forms below to book session and the Parent Declaration.

Tabetha Maynard