CLUBS - Breakfast and After-school

Breakfast & After-School Clubs

Book your places by the end of term for the following term. Links will be in the newsletter.

No bookings will be able to be made after this deadline. Places will be fixed and non-refundable in the event of sickness or non-attendance. No last-minute bookings will be accepted, unless in the case of an emergency, but that will still have to be dependent on capacity.

Contact Mrs Maynard in the office if you wish to pay by childcare voucher or tax-free voucher schemes.


8am Breakfast Club (includes breakfast) £3.75

8.30am Early drop off (no food, supervised play only) £1

4.30pm After-school club £3.75

5.30pm After-school club £7.50

The after-school club has the following themed nights for Summer Half-term 5:

Mondays – Cooking club night

Tuesdays – Free choice night

Tuesdays - Gardening club - FREE but weather dependent

Wednesdays – Art & crafts night

Thursdays – Mr Luxa's Multi-sports night - FREE

Fridays – ‘Chill out’ movie & popcorn night